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Welcome to our MamaNurture site. Wether you are a mother, birth support partner, health care provider, doula, yoga teacher or student we are sure that you will find helpful information for pregnancy. Here are some of our topics:

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Shannon & Kim

Upcoming Prenatal Yoga Teacher Modules


MamaNurture Prenatal Yoga Teacher Certification (RPYT)

Directed by Shannon Crow, E-RYT500, RPYT and Kim MacDonald-Heilandt, E-RYT200, RPYT

Modules 1-6


Click on any module image or title below to register or for more information.


  • Safely teach your pregnant students
  • Asanas: alignment and modifications for pregnancy
  • Cautioned and contraindicated poses and breath practices
  • Common ailments of pregnancy and how to use yoga to relieve them
  • Physiology & anatomy of each trimester
  • Create a prenatal yoga class or private session
  • Accommodate a pregnant student in your regular class
  • Creating a restorative prenatal yoga class
  • Benefits of meditation, visualization and mantra in prenatal yoga
  • Chakras of the pregnant body and infant
  • Anatomy of the pelvis
  • Core health during and after pregnancy
  • The psoas muscles in pregnancy and birth
  • 8 limbs of yoga in relation to pregnancy, birth and parenthood
  • Subtle body: prana, koshas, nadis, vyus, yin and yang
  • Modifying the sun salutation for pregnancy
  • Anatomy & physiology of third trimester and birth
  • Birth positions & techniques for delivery
  • Creating a birth partner workshop or class
  • History and perceptions of birth in prenatal yoga classes
  • Teaching an entire prenatal yoga class on the birthing ball
  • Fetal positioning in third trimester and birth
  • Childbirth education and options
  • Vocal toning and affirmations


  • Sequencing and themes in yoga classes
  • Class atmosphere: cues, language, tone, music
  • Hands-on assists for the prenatal & postnatal students
  • Marketing your yoga
  • Planning yoga classes, sessions and events
  • Attract and retain your students
  • Yoga for fertility and early pregnancy
  • Infant loss and grief
  • High risk pregnancy
  • Fertility & prenatal yin yoga
  • Guiding blessingways in class or as events
  • Partner yoga
  • Using birth art in prenatal, fertility and postnatal yoga classes
  • Common ailments in third trimester and postpartum period
  • Anatomy & physiology of postpartum yoga student
  • Connecting to baby in pregnancy and parenthood
  • Nurturing mindfulness and emotional health after birth
  • Asana modifications and contraindications for postnatal yoga
  • Elements and teaching baby & me yoga classes
  • Nurturing the postnatal yoga student

Recent Articles


Yoga for Piriformis Syndrome

Enjoy this Yoga for Piriformis Syndrome sequence to help relieve the tension in the piriformis muscle. Our language in this flow is for the prenatal yoga student, but anyone will benefit from it. read more

Piriformis Syndrome

Piriformis Syndrome occurs when the sciatic nerve is compressed by the piriformis muscle. The piriformis muscle is located under the gluteal (buttock) muscles and it is involved in almost all movements of the hip and leg. read more

Prayer for Nurturance

Prayer for Nurturance is a poem written by Shannon Crow and published in 365 Days of Angel Prayers, a book that was created by Elizabeth Harper, Cathleen O'Connor and many other authors from around the world. read more

Amanda’s Yoga Playlist

Amanda Eriksen is a graduate of the 2014 London MamaNurture 100-hour Prenatal Yoga Teacher training. This year she is part of the MamaNurture course in Owen Sound as an assistant. She led a beautiful Sunday morning 2-hour practice last weekend and here is her yoga playlist. read more

Fertility Yoga: Reference Books

Here is a list of fertility books that we often refer back to. The first two are specific to fertility yoga and the third is a great reference to acupuncture and the more Eastern approach to fertility. read more

Yoga Playlist – 1 hour

Here is a yoga playlist that is for a 1-hour gentle practice. It is perfect for prenatal, postnatal or any gentle yoga class. Click below to listen to the full yoga playlist on 8tracks. read more

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Powerful, Nurturing, Informative, Inspiring, and Sacred. These are only a few words that describe what MamaNurture is all about.

Shannon and Kim have created a program that gives expecting women a space to embrace the wonders of their changing body, learn about childbirth and how using yoga poses can help facilitate an easier birth, information on a variety of pregnancy and birth topics, and most important… to relax and enjoy this special time in a women’s life.

This program encompasses everything to do with the mind,body, and soul connection. Shannon and Kim represent one of my favourite quotes…”be the change you want to see in the world”….look out birthing world…..change is happening!!

Sande Irwin

Certified Doula, CPYT, The Goddess Tree Birth Services

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