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Prenatal Yoga: Ball Class

Here are six poses from our Prenatal Yoga Ball Class, so that you can offer modifications, birthing poses and comfort measures to your pregnant yogis.

Yoga for Piriformis Syndrome

Enjoy this Yoga for Piriformis Syndrome sequence to help relieve the tension in the piriformis muscle. Our language in this flow is for the prenatal yoga student, but anyone will benefit from it.

Piriformis Syndrome

Piriformis Syndrome occurs when the sciatic nerve is compressed by the piriformis muscle. The piriformis muscle is located under the gluteal (buttock) muscles and it is involved in almost all movements of the hip and leg.

Prayer for Nurturance

Prayer for Nurturance is a poem written by Shannon Crow and published in 365 Days of Angel Prayers, a book that was created by Elizabeth Harper, Cathleen O’Connor and many other authors from around the world.

Free Prenatal Yoga Classes

As part of our MamaNurture 100-hour Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training we have four free prenatal yoga classes.

Amanda’s Yoga Playlist

Amanda Eriksen is a graduate of the 2014 London MamaNurture 100-hour Prenatal Yoga Teacher training. This year she is part of the MamaNurture course in Owen Sound as an assistant. She led a beautiful Sunday morning 2-hour practice last weekend and here is her yoga playlist.

Fertility Yoga: Reference Books

Here is a list of fertility books that we often refer back to. The first two are specific to fertility yoga and the third is a great reference to acupuncture and the more Eastern approach to fertility.

Yoga Playlist – 1 hour

Here is a yoga playlist that is for a 1-hour gentle practice. It is perfect for prenatal, postnatal or any gentle yoga class.

Click below to listen to the full yoga playlist on 8tracks.

Yoga Playlist – 2 hours

Here is a full 2-hour yoga playlist. It begins and ends with more relaxing song and in the middle speeds up a little.

Basic Prenatal Yoga Sequence

This is the most common “take-home” prenatal yoga sequence that we give to prenatal students. The poses are ones that we use often within class and in the 100-hour teacher training.

Pelvic Floor 101

Let’s talk about an amazing part of our anatomy: the pelvic floor. Why should we be
talking about what’s going on “down there”? Because our emotional and physical
health depends on this often ignored part of our bodies.

Jelly Fish Breath

The Jelly Fish Breath is a great breath to strengthen and relax the pelvic floor for both men and
women. It’s also perfect for women during pregnancy and postpartum.

Diastasis Recti: Yoga for Abdominal Separation

Diastasis recti (also known as abdominal separation) occurs when the rectus abdominis muscles move away from each other at the linea alba (midline of the belly). Diastasis recti is usually defined as a separation of more than 2 – 2.5 finger-widths (about 2 cm) in distance.

Teaching Yoga During Pregnancy

Teaching Yoga During Pregnancy
Eight helpful teaching techniques that Julie learned during the progression of pregnancy include:

Yoga for Restless Leg Syndrome

Restless Leg Syndrome (also called Willis-Ekbom's disease) affects 27% of pregnant women.  RLS usually ceases after baby is born and is more common in the third trimester. Interruption of sleep is a concern for anyone who suffers from RLS, especially a soon-to-be...

Letting Go of Getting “Back to Normal”

It was inspiring to read my friends Sarah's blog post today about how baby number two, her toddler and her body were not allowing "back to normal" to happen. Her attitude of letting go of expectations and really nurturing where she is today is refreshing. As a mother...

Healthy Brownies?

Today is good. The sun is out and I just tested a brownie recipe that Kim suggested for our newsletter. It is healthy, is flour-free and is a source of protein. Can you guess the surprise ingredient? Black beans! No one would ever know unless you told them. Thanks to...

What Did You Think This Song Was About?

by Shannon Crow I just learned the meaning behind the lyrics of a favourite 90's song of mine today.  In this video below Dan Wilson of Semisonic performs "Closing Time" and shares how he hid, (in plain view), the true meaning of this song. It is funny and worth...

How to Modify a Yoga Class for Low Blood Pressure

We have written this article with prenatal students in mind, but the same guidelines apply for any yoga student with low blood pressure. Make sure that if a student is faint or dizzy or tells you that they have low blood pressure that you encourage them to talk with...

8 Songs for Sleep and Relaxation

Here is a list of 8 of our favourite songs for sleep and relaxation. These songs are great for yoga classes of all varieties and are played often by Kim and Shannon in their prenatal yoga classes. Would you like more song inspirations? Every Monday we post a song on...

Prenatal Yoga for Sleep

This is a prenatal yoga sequence designed to calm the mind while opening the body and encouraging a restful sleep. Do as many or as few of these poses as you wish. Try to move very slowly and really use the breath to flow in and out of each pose. Always use your own...

Restless Leg Syndrome in Pregnancy

Restless Leg Syndrome (also called Willis-Ekbom’s disease) affects 27% of pregnant women. RLS usually ceases after baby is born and is more common in the third trimester. Interruption of sleep is a concern for anyone who suffers from RLS, especially a soon-to-be mother.

Symptoms of Restless Leg Syndrome

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