Music & Playlists

Amanda’s Yoga Playlist

Amanda Eriksen is a graduate of the 2014 London MamaNurture 100-hour Prenatal Yoga Teacher training. This year she is part of the MamaNurture course in Owen Sound as an assistant. She led a beautiful Sunday morning 2-hour practice last weekend and here is her yoga playlist.

Yoga Playlist – 1 hour

Here is a yoga playlist that is for a 1-hour gentle practice. It is perfect for prenatal, postnatal or any gentle yoga class.

Click below to listen to the full yoga playlist on 8tracks.

Yoga Playlist – 2 hours

Here is a full 2-hour yoga playlist. It begins and ends with more relaxing song and in the middle speeds up a little.

What Did You Think This Song Was About?

by Shannon Crow I just learned the meaning behind the lyrics of a favourite 90's song of mine today.  In this video below Dan Wilson of Semisonic performs "Closing Time" and shares how he hid, (in plain view), the true meaning of this song. It is funny and worth...

8 Songs for Sleep and Relaxation

Here is a list of 8 of our favourite songs for sleep and relaxation. These songs are great for yoga classes of all varieties and are played often by Kim and Shannon in their prenatal yoga classes. Would you like more song inspirations? Every Monday we post a song on...