Yoga Sequences

Prenatal Yoga: Ball Class

Here are six poses from our Prenatal Yoga Ball Class, so that you can offer modifications, birthing poses and comfort measures to your pregnant yogis.

Yoga for Piriformis Syndrome

Enjoy this Yoga for Piriformis Syndrome sequence to help relieve the tension in the piriformis muscle. Our language in this flow is for the prenatal yoga student, but anyone will benefit from it.

Basic Prenatal Yoga Sequence

This is the most common “take-home” prenatal yoga sequence that we give to prenatal students. The poses are ones that we use often within class and in the 100-hour teacher training.

Yoga for Restless Leg Syndrome

Restless Leg Syndrome (also called Willis-Ekbom's disease) affects 27% of pregnant women.  RLS usually ceases after baby is born and is more common in the third trimester. Interruption of sleep is a concern for anyone who suffers from RLS, especially a soon-to-be...

Prenatal Yoga for Sleep

This is a prenatal yoga sequence designed to calm the mind while opening the body and encouraging a restful sleep. Do as many or as few of these poses as you wish. Try to move very slowly and really use the breath to flow in and out of each pose. Always use your own...

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